Average Cost for an iPhone Screen Repair & Battery Replacement

Damaged iPhones, especially cracked screen and defective batteries which don’t hold a charge anymore, are common problems people are facing while handling their iPhones these days.
People desperately search for the best way to replace their phone parts like an LCD screen or battery. However, getting quality parts and professional service is rare. We can find small repair shops everywhere, but they might use low-quality parts which can damage the phone further. Also, they don’t give the warranty for the repair or parts they used. So if something goes wrong the customer is at loss. Now the Apple Store doesn’t repair all the phones, in fact, they replace the iPhone with the new one and they charge a high price for that. If your phone is out of warranty they may charge higher. It is not always easy to get an authorized store nearby. Also in some cases, you have to pay an additional shipping charge for this. Moreover, the waiting times are much longer as they need to ship the device to a technician who will repair it and then send it back. You can imagine the frustration when you would like to get the device repaired as soon as possible.

At Gadgetclinic we aim to provide our customers with the best quality repair with the right price range and swiftly as possible. LCD screen replacement and battery replacement will take usually 30 to 40 minutes if the technicians are not overbooked. We offer a wide range of repairs so that you can get your device back as good as new.

Below you can see our iPhone screen repair cost and battery replacement prices

Gadget Clinic iPhone Screen Repair Cost

iPhone modeliPhone screen repair cost (£)
iPhone XS199.99
iPhone XS Max249.99
iPhone XR159.99
iPhone X194.99
iPhone 874.99
iPhone 8 Plus84.99
iPhone 764.99
iPhone 7 Plus69.99
iPhone 6s54.99
iPhone 6s Plus59.99
iPhone 654.99
iPhone 6 Plus59.99
iPhone SE49.99
iPhone 5s34.99
iPhone 5c34.99
iPhone 534.99
iPhone 4s29.99

Gadget Clinic replacing iPhone battery cost

iPhone model iPhone Battery Replacement Cost (£)
iPhone XS69.99
iPhone XS Max89.99
iPhone XR69.99
iPhone X69.99
iPhone 839.99
iPhone 8 Plus39.99
iPhone 739.99
iPhone 7 Plus39.99
iPhone 6s24.99
iPhone 6s Plus24.99
iPhone 624.99
iPhone 6 Plus24.99
iPhone SE24.99
iPhone 5s19.99
iPhone 5c19.99
iPhone 519.99
iPhone 4s19.99