How best you introduce your Children to Technology

Kids and technology:

In the present scenario in the world where everything is technology-based, we need to help our children to know the healthy concept of the use of technology. It is a parent’s responsibility to teach the kids about the right use of technology. As parents one might be wondering whether the use of technology is good or bad, and how will it impact their adulthood. These days children are introduced to the media very early age.

Kids and technology in education

These days the ability to use technology is also very important in education. Moreover, technology is a medium for education as well as entertainment. We can introduce technology as a means of education for the kids. It is the parent’s decision when they should expose their child to technology. Some experts suggest that parents should wait until a certain age. Also, parents should supervise what children are doing with technology. However, most pre-school and elementary schools have recognized this and they have introduced computer classes into their curriculum.

Technology’s impact on child growth and development.

Technology can make a direct impact on child growth and development. There are many different verities of gadgets these days that can be introduced to the kids. They can serve as learning as well as entertainment tools. There are many educational games these days that the kids can play on gadgets and make learning fun and interactive. As the kids grow older they will be learning technical subjects and doing school projects and where they need to use technology. It is a good idea to teach your kids how to use technology and the applications which will
help them to grow up.

Effects of technology on child Education.

This type of tech that helps the kinds includes various educational (memory) games, math games, drawing games; some kind of sports, GPS watches also some kinds of entertainment tools. A GPS watch is easy to locate, so it could assist with locating your child if they get lost. We can keep our kids under observation while using these gadgets. Parents can keep some limitations on the use of these technologies. Parents can download age-appropriate math exercises and other necessary apps in the tablet and laptop, and let the youngster spend time trying to solve them. On the other hand, if the child is more interested in certain criteria like – art, coding, etc the parents can encourage them and help them to go to a higher level of application.

How much time should children spend on a tablet or computer?

Parents should keep some time and space limitations for the kids to use digital tools. In general, the younger the child, the shorter the memory spans and should only be engaged for a shorter time. Also for older kids, the parents should supervise the use of digital technology. The parents should be aware of kid’s areas of application for educational as well as entertainment technology. Too much use of digital technology is not good for the eyes and can develop sickness.


Parents should allow the kids to use digital technology within the family values and parenting style. When technology is used thoughtfully and appropriately, technology can enhance daily life. But when used inappropriately or without thought, technology can replace face-to-face interaction, family-time, outdoor-play, exercise, unplugged downtime, and sleep. Make sure your plan of use of technology is healthy. Parents should teach children about internet safety and other important responsibilities that come with computer ownership.