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The Best Tips To Keep Your Phone Clean

How to clean phone

At first, glance, cleaning your cell phone is simple, just a little water and a rag and it’s done! Beware! 

Remember that this is an electronic device filled with small connections that can be severely compromised when the applied cleaning method is not appropriate. It is essential to follow a procedure in order not to damage our electronic devices! 


1 – Remove and clean the protective case 

The first step is, of course, to remove the protective case of your phone if you use one. Keeping a protective cover while cleaning your mobile phone increases the likelihood of causing damage. 

If you keep the instructions follow them. If this is not the case, wipe the protective cover with a cloth soaked in lukewarm water and some soap. Rub gently. 

2 – Clean the screen 

To clean the screen of your phone, avoid using products such as methylated spirits or glasses cleaner spray. This is the most sensitive part of your phone. The best solution is to get a microfiber cloth, ideally new or that has been little used. Moisten with a little warm water and clean the screen by making circular movements. 

3 – Clean the charging connector 

It is an element often neglected! The “input “port of the charger should be cleaned frequently. This is an area that collects dust very quickly, in addition to all types of waste, especially if you put your phone in your pockets. 

To do this, he uses the “key” that allows the opening of the SIM card. If you do not have it, take a needle and remove the residue. 

4 – Clean the chargers 

The lack of cleaning of the charging cable contacts is the cause of the lousy connection that your mobile phone has when it tries to charge it. 

Any small components that ultimately allow the flow of energy between a socket and your mobile phone must also be cleaned with a dry microfiber cloth – again, with controlled movement to prevent damage to the cable. 

5. Clean the inputs and outputs of the phone

With the help of a toothpick or a toothbrush, you can easily clean the sound input and output of your phone (headphones, sound and voice outputs ). These are spaces that, for reasons already explained, go in and remove the dirt left by the user.

How To Clean Phone Case

Conciliating aesthetics and protection, the case adds a personal touch to your smartphone and preserves any scratches. Silicone, plastic or other, this accessory requires specific maintenance depending on its material. 

Dishwashing liquid

If you have a silicone case, clean it with a sponge soaked in warm water and washing-up liquid. Dry it before putting it back in place.

The dishwasher

If it’s tough, your mobile phone’s case can easily be washed in the dishwasher. In addition to saving your energy by avoiding rubbing, this device entirely removes impurities encrusted on your accessory.

Marseille soap

To clean your mobile phone case made of silicone or plastic, use Marseille soap. Scrub your accessory with a sponge moistened with soapy water. You will see, the dirt will go away quickly!

70 ° alcohol

To clean a heavily soiled telephone case, mix 2/3 of water and 1/3 of hydrogen peroxide. Then wipe it with a cloth soaked in 70 ° alcohol, rinse it and dry it.

The table oil

If colored spots are visible on the case of your smartphone, rub the affected part with absorbent paper moistened with table oil. Then clean your accessory with a solution of water and white vinegar. Rinse and dry.

How To Clean Phone Screen

Traces of finger, steam, various deposits … It does not take long for the screen of a smartphone to get dirty, with the comfortable keyless use but also a risk of bacterial contamination. Below are three good ways to clean your phone screen.

The microfiber cloth

In many situations, the first instinct to clean a smartphone Phone screen is to use a slightly moistened paper towel. Do not do this! Despite its smooth appearance, the paper towel contains micro grains that may cause scratches on the screen or scratch. The remedy would be worse than the disease.

To clean a phone screen, nothing beats the microfiber cloth. Well known to all owners of eyeglasses, this cloth is made of a texture that will not attack the surface of the screen, and whose electrostatic properties will also allow removing all the dust that occurs gently. Are invited on your device.

Cleaning with a microfiber cloth usually is dry. However, and if the screen is filthy, do not hesitate to spray a touch of cleaner specifically designed to clean a laptop screen or glasses, and most often alcohol-based.

The cotton compress

Even if you do not have a microfiber cloth available to clean your touch screen, there is always a bag of cotton compresses that hangs somewhere in your bathroom! The unique texture of the cotton will work wonders to sanitize the surface of your device in just a few movements, especially if you moisten it first with a cleaning solution.

Otherwise, it is also possible to use a corner of your T-shirt 100% cotton, provided that the garment in question is clean and especially not too worn – the “fluff” could damage the screen.

The adhesive tape

It’s a disaster: you have absolutely no rags or valuable cloth on hand. How to clean your iPhone screen in these conditions? By adopting the ultimate warrior solution, namely duct tape or tape! By carefully applying a strip of tape on the phone screen and tearing it off, you will not only remove all the dust but also erase the fingerprints magically. A useful tip for cleaning the screen unexpectedly, although the result will be less precise than with a cloth Also, be careful to avoid shocks or accidental drops when removing the tape.


The proper cleaning of a smartphone is essential to ensure a healthy, long lifespan. You have seen various ways by which a smartphone can be cleaned effectively, including its screen, cover and the phone itself. Also, did you noticed the precautions to avoid so as not to damage the smartphone while trying to clean it

Water Damage In Phone, Tips & Advice

Whether toilet, pool or washing machine: wetness is the natural enemy of the smartphone and yet it is still a commonly occurring crisis. A lot of people search Google for phrases like “Can water damaged phone be repaired” or “is water damaged phone repairable”. The answer is definitely! There are a few tips to follow before taking to any expert and worrying about how much it cost to repair a water damaged phone. If you use a hairdryer to dry or put the unit on the heater, you will do even more damage. 

Smartphones threaten to break quickly when wet. Toilets, washing machines, and overturning glasses are the natural enemies of sensitive high-tech devices. In case of emergency, many well-intentioned bits of advice come from friends and acquaintances, which, however, do more harm than good. You can not do that under any circumstances:

“Low temperatures in the oven do not harm the mobile phone”

Still, the myth haunts the net that the smartphone after a short treatment in the oven it will become dry and ready for use again. That’s wrong. Never put your smartphone in the oven! Even low-temperature settings, about 50 degrees, can significantly damage the sensitive electronics in the smartphone and degrade the phone to a costly paperweight.

“Simply blow-dry the smartphone, then it will dry quickly”

A hairdryer dries the hair, and therefore helps a wet smartphone? Not at all. The heat of the hairdryer can damage the electronics of the mobile phone and make it useless. The airflow can also blow moisture inside the smartphone and cause further damage. The hair dryer should stay in the bathroom.

“The microwave makes the food warm, so it dries the smartphone too”

Metal and electronic devices are by no means ideal to be put in the microwave! While the finished food and cocoa are getting warm quickly, the cell phone can catch fire. Also, you have the moisture from the smartphone that can destroy your cell phone and the microwave at the same time.

The microwave ban also applies if you have previously removed the battery from the phone. The antennas in the smartphone in combination with the microwaves can also be a fire hazard. And no, you can not charge your iPhone battery in a microwave, even if a nasty internet joke says so


“Nothing can happen to the heater”

Put the phone on the heater sounds like a safe household tip, but it can be deadly. The same principles apply to heat as to the hairdryer and oven: heat can destroy the electronics inside. While the phone is drying, limescale can also deposit on the device’s board – there is a short circuit here and the smartphone is immediately over.

“Just spend a few hours in the sun”

Whether a hotel pool or the Mediterranean: On vacation, the risk of water is much higher than home. In a first reflex, many cell phone users put the smartphone directly into the southern sun to dry it properly. Big mistake! The heat can damage the phone considerably.

By the way: Even if your smartphone has not fallen into the water, you should protect the sensitive device from the sun’s rays. Especially the dashboard in the car as this can become a barbecue.

If your smartphone falls into the water, a fast response is required. The longer it is in the sink or the toilet, the more difficult it will be to rescue later.

Remove the battery and dry it

After the rescue from the water, you should in no case turn on the Smartphone. If it is still on, you must turn it off as soon as possible to avoid a short circuit. Open the phone and remove the battery. However, some manufacturers rely on a permanently installed battery. For example, iPhone owners have no means for the opening of the protective cover.

If you can not remove the battery, shut down the smartphone normally. For an iPhone, press and hold the standby button on the top of the device until a red slider appears that you move aside.

Also, remove as many components as possible, such as a SIM or SD card. Now gently dry the phone with a towel or kitchen paper. This prevents water from entering the interior through connections. During drying, make sure that you do not push the water into the interior.

The trick with the rice bag that everyone is talking

You could try that if you don’t have any repair shops nearby. Instructions for doing the rice trick are; Now fill a bag of uncooked rice and put the smartphone in it. The rice absorbs the moisture and dries the smartphone gently and but not so effectively. However, there can be problems here. The rice may become too full of water and clog the smartphone openings, such as the headphone input.

To be on the safe side, you can wrap the phone lose in paper towels before you put it in the rice bag. Let the rice “pull” for a day or two before removing the phone and starting it again for the first time.

Prepare for emergencies with special repair kits

While the rice bag is rather a stopgap, you can also prepare yourself specifically for the emergency. Various manufacturers offer special repair kits to save your wet smartphone. These come with small bags that contain moisture-absorbing granules that can dry your smartphone. Other manufacturers rely on a cleansing alcohol solution that cleans the phone before drying. These kits are available for ten to 20 pounds.

#1 Solution – find your nearest repair shop

The repair shop is the best solution to get your water damaged phone repaired. What we as a Gadget Clinic do if we receive a water damaged phone into our lab.  First, we open the phone completely and get the water out of the phone as fast as we can by cleaning all the parts and drying them. If we see a bit of corrosion on the board we clean with an ultrasonic cleaner. We test all the components of the phone. And if something is not working we replace them. 

Water damaged phones are very tricky to repair. And sometimes the fault can not be seen straight away and damage will occur a few months later. 


Can water damaged phone be repaired? Water damage in phones is not a total write off as long as it is attended to immediately and properly. Most smartphones work after these solutions have been applied. Also, take note of the myths that can destroy your phone and take it to an experienced technician as soon as possible to get it repaired as soon as possible. 

How to Stop My Phone From Being Tracked

how to block my phone from being tracked

The days of the reading newspaper at the back of stalls are over. With the advancement of technology that comes to the smartphone. This not only provides man with ease of life but also equips them with the tools to track each other.

What is it about the phone that causes it to track? How to block my phone from being tracked?

Following the movements of a child, one of his parents, a spouse or a colleague does not require much technical expertise.

Mobile phones, equipped with GPS chips and permanently connected to mobile networks, are indeed perfect cookies. Many mobile applications retrieve the location of their users. This is to provide them with appropriate services or advertising.  At Saint-Jean-de-Passy High School in Paris, students geolocated their parents to find out the times at which to wait for them. 

What is less known is that these techniques can also track the smartphone of a loved one and follow him without his consent.

 It is possible to guard against it.  And we hope to highlight 4 steps that will help you in what you have searched for “how to block my phone from being tracked?”.

There are a few simple steps to make sure your smartphone has not been trapped, and to fix it if you have:

Step 1

Find the GPS settings and disable it. On most GPS phones you will find a “communications manager”. Its location varies depending on the phone model. Access your communications manager and turn off the GPS.

Step 2

Delete the geolocation software. This software also varies from phone to phone. You usually find it in Applications or Games folders. Use the process of uninstalling the phone to remove this software. Some programs use location-based services (LBS) that do not require GPS; therefore, deleting the software deletes the trace. You can also disable LBS from the program.

Step 3

Turn off the phone. This is the easiest way to avoid follow-up. When the phone is on, it is possible to track, as you must send and receive signals from the tower at all times in order to make and receive calls. Turning off the device stops the broadcast signal.

Step 4

Remove all “provider-provided services” from your mobile phone plan that includes tracking features. For example, the Verizon Chaperone service makes any phone traceable. If you do not want your phone to be followed, you can stop paying or withdrawing services provided by your provider. 

Control the family sharing and position of the iPhone

The family sharing feature allows you to report your location in real-time with another iPhone owner. The latter can track your movements on a map for an hour, a day or indefinitely, depending on the settings. This step must be allowed. But it is possible to activate the sharing without the knowledge of one of his relatives, taking advantage of a few seconds of inattention.

To check that you have not been tracked yourself, go to the iPhone Settings, then in Privacy »Location Services and open the menu Share my location. The list of family members and contacts who have access to your geolocation appears here. It is then possible to stop its location by a person or by all of your contacts.

Manage Google Location Sharing on Android and iOS

Google offers a real-time location system for friends, similar to Apple’s. It works the same way on Android smartphones, where it is offered by default, or from the Google+ application on iPhone. When sharing is enabled, you can track a relative’s movement in real-time on Google Maps from your smartphone or the web.

The setting to enable or disable this share is in the Settings menu of the Google+ app, then Location Sharing, or in Google+ settings on the web. We then discover if the position tracking is activity and with whom sharing in real-time is allowed. It is possible to cut everything, to limit the follow-up to certain circles of contact or only to the people of confidence.

Observe the use of geolocation by suspicious applications

The settings above concern the majority of cases. There are other ways to monitor the movement of family members without their knowledge, more difficult to implement and to flush out. Publishers develop tools designed to track a person. This requires installing a special application on the smartphone of his victim. The best performers, like Spyera, are almost invisible.

In case of doubt, some checks are necessary. For example, monitor apps that may know the location of your smartphone ( Settings »Privacy» Location Service on iPhone, Settings »Location on Android) and cut the geolocation. You can also monitor mobile data exchanges, to detect suspicious transfer volumes ( Settings »Cellular network on iPhone, Settings» Use data on Android). A battery that discharges faster than usual can also be a sign that something is wrong. On the iPhone, we can disable the update of applications in the background ( Settings »General» Updating in the background). On Android, we will monitor the current processes ( Settings »Applications» In progress ) to search for any suspicious items.

If nothing is done, antivirus on Android can detect some cookies, such as F-Secure Mobile Security. In case of strong suspicions, it may be advisable to reinstall your smartphone according to the original settings. One certainty, however, is that it is illusory to think that one can completely escape the supervision of a sufficiently determined person. On this point, smartphones have not changed anything.


There are lots of ways by which your phone can be tracked but with the steps discussed in this guide, we are sure to limit this and keep our privacy. Be careful who you grant access to your phone as you never can tell. Be security conscious.

Average Cost for an iPhone Screen Repair & Battery Replacement

Damaged iPhones, especially cracked screen and defective batteries which don’t hold a charge anymore, are common problems people are facing while handling their iPhones these days.
People desperately search for the best way to replace their phone parts like an LCD screen or battery. However, getting quality parts and professional service is rare. We can find small repair shops everywhere, but they might use low-quality parts which can damage the phone further. Also, they don’t give the warranty for the repair or parts they used. So if something goes wrong the customer is at loss. Now the Apple Store doesn’t repair all the phones, in fact, they replace the iPhone with the new one and they charge a high price for that. If your phone is out of warranty they may charge higher. It is not always easy to get an authorized store nearby. Also in some cases, you have to pay an additional shipping charge for this. Moreover, the waiting times are much longer as they need to ship the device to a technician who will repair it and then send it back. You can imagine the frustration when you would like to get the device repaired as soon as possible.

At Gadgetclinic we aim to provide our customers with the best quality repair with the right price range and swiftly as possible. LCD screen replacement and battery replacement will take usually 30 to 40 minutes if the technicians are not overbooked. We offer a wide range of repairs so that you can get your device back as good as new.

Below you can see our iPhone screen repair cost and battery replacement prices

Gadget Clinic iPhone Screen Repair Cost

iPhone modeliPhone screen repair cost (£)
iPhone XS199.99
iPhone XS Max249.99
iPhone XR159.99
iPhone X194.99
iPhone 874.99
iPhone 8 Plus84.99
iPhone 764.99
iPhone 7 Plus69.99
iPhone 6s54.99
iPhone 6s Plus59.99
iPhone 654.99
iPhone 6 Plus59.99
iPhone SE49.99
iPhone 5s34.99
iPhone 5c34.99
iPhone 534.99
iPhone 4s29.99

Gadget Clinic replacing iPhone battery cost

iPhone model iPhone Battery Replacement Cost (£)
iPhone XS69.99
iPhone XS Max89.99
iPhone XR69.99
iPhone X69.99
iPhone 839.99
iPhone 8 Plus39.99
iPhone 739.99
iPhone 7 Plus39.99
iPhone 6s24.99
iPhone 6s Plus24.99
iPhone 624.99
iPhone 6 Plus24.99
iPhone SE24.99
iPhone 5s19.99
iPhone 5c19.99
iPhone 519.99
iPhone 4s19.99

How best you introduce your Children to Technology

Kids and technology:

In the present scenario in the world where everything is technology-based, we need to help our children to know the healthy concept of the use of technology. It is a parent’s responsibility to teach the kids about the right use of technology. As parents one might be wondering whether the use of technology is good or bad, and how will it impact their adulthood. These days children are introduced to the media very early age.

Kids and technology in education

These days the ability to use technology is also very important in education. Moreover, technology is a medium for education as well as entertainment. We can introduce technology as a means of education for the kids. It is the parent’s decision when they should expose their child to technology. Some experts suggest that parents should wait until a certain age. Also, parents should supervise what children are doing with technology. However, most pre-school and elementary schools have recognized this and they have introduced computer classes into their curriculum.

Technology’s impact on child growth and development.

Technology can make a direct impact on child growth and development. There are many different verities of gadgets these days that can be introduced to the kids. They can serve as learning as well as entertainment tools. There are many educational games these days that the kids can play on gadgets and make learning fun and interactive. As the kids grow older they will be learning technical subjects and doing school projects and where they need to use technology. It is a good idea to teach your kids how to use technology and the applications which will
help them to grow up.

Effects of technology on child Education.

This type of tech that helps the kinds includes various educational (memory) games, math games, drawing games; some kind of sports, GPS watches also some kinds of entertainment tools. A GPS watch is easy to locate, so it could assist with locating your child if they get lost. We can keep our kids under observation while using these gadgets. Parents can keep some limitations on the use of these technologies. Parents can download age-appropriate math exercises and other necessary apps in the tablet and laptop, and let the youngster spend time trying to solve them. On the other hand, if the child is more interested in certain criteria like – art, coding, etc the parents can encourage them and help them to go to a higher level of application.

How much time should children spend on a tablet or computer?

Parents should keep some time and space limitations for the kids to use digital tools. In general, the younger the child, the shorter the memory spans and should only be engaged for a shorter time. Also for older kids, the parents should supervise the use of digital technology. The parents should be aware of kid’s areas of application for educational as well as entertainment technology. Too much use of digital technology is not good for the eyes and can develop sickness.


Parents should allow the kids to use digital technology within the family values and parenting style. When technology is used thoughtfully and appropriately, technology can enhance daily life. But when used inappropriately or without thought, technology can replace face-to-face interaction, family-time, outdoor-play, exercise, unplugged downtime, and sleep. Make sure your plan of use of technology is healthy. Parents should teach children about internet safety and other important responsibilities that come with computer ownership.

How to Protect Your Phone

How to Protect Your Phone in everyday life

Mobile phones are everyday gadgets. And we keep using them day and night. And let’s be true – we can’t live without them anymore. Phone protection becomes very important for us. We as a gadget clinic team have put together 6 main points on how to protect your phone. These points are very crucial. Put together from our expert technicians, who love what they do and do it every day. Let’s dive straight into it and find out about phone protection in different ways.

How to protect your phone from breaking?

These days the phones are slim and some of them are a plus size which makes them slip from our hands. It is very easy to drop them and break the screen or the back glass or any other components inside the phone. For your new shiny phone, it is good to always put a phone protector, cover and a screen protector. There are many tempered glass screen protectors available. Most of them are good but installing them by a skilful technician will be the best choice. Suppose phone falls straight on the floor, facing down. The glass screen protector will crack and not the LCD screen itself. Hence, to change the screen protector is cheaper than the LCD. Especially some of the new model phone LCD screens are expensive. Besides screen protector will protect your phone in the pocket from getting scratched. Similarily the phone cover is also very important. We advise our customers to use Gorilla transparent shockproof cases. It has that corner protection. And it makes the phone extra durable and protects the phone from breaking on heavy
How to protect your phone from water? Simple! Don’t use it next to water or any liquid! It is so easy to drop the phone to the loo or in a pool or get some drink over it. Water damage repairs are tricky. There is 50 50 chance for mobile phone survival. The repair cost would be higher due to many parts need to be changed or board level repair required. And if you indeed want to go to the loo or on holiday with your phone. It is best to buy a waterproof case, it will protect the phone from getting wet inside. This will save you money and the trouble from getting it fixed and or data loss.

How to protect your phone battery?

Don’t overcharge your phone and do not keep it on charge overnight. Charge your phone when needed and when it gets 100% take it from charge. It will keep your battery alive longer. Wireless chargers are very good for that. On a hot, summer day battery and the other components may get hot. As a result, the phone will work very slow or will freeze. The battery will drain and that can damage the phone itself. Due to this, we should always keep the phone out of direct sunlight. Cooler places in shade are ideal. Please don’t put the phone in the freezer!

How to protect your phone from theft?

Gadget Clinic recommends using your personal google account for Android phones. And iCloud account for iPhones. And always use the phone lock to lock your phone. When theft happens you can straight away use your google or icloud account to find your device. Besides, you can lock your phone or change the passwords.

How to protect your phone from viruses?

It is not common to get viruses in your phone if you calling, texting and browsing the internet once in a while. Generally, we should not click on suspicious links. These what we receive via text or email from an unknown person or company. Also, there is a risk to get a virus on your phone when you download a lot of apps to your phone. If you are worried about getting viruses or already have them on your phone. Best is to get the Anti-virus software app to your phone. And that will scan the whole phone and remove the viruses for you. Best antivirus apps are Kaspersky, Avast, Bitdefender, Avira, McAfee and many others.

How to protect your phone from getting dirty?

Wow, our phones and computers are the dirtiest. There are so many bacteria on them if we don’t clean our gadgets. We carry them in our bags in our pockets we take them everywhere and use them everywhere. The dirt can go to small ports like charging port and audio jack port. It can lead to port damage if it’s not cleaned well. Each person’s lifestyle is different and the cleaning should be done according to lifestyle. Builders should clean their phones more frequently because of the dusty environment. The best way is to clean our phones a few times a week with an antibacterial wipe to clean away all the dirt. Before cleaning is good to take the case off. If you have not cleaned your phone for a long time and it is dirty, it is time to do that. Phone ports can be cleared up with something thin like a toothpick to take out all the dust.

Conclusion about phone protection.

We need to be a bit careful to protect our mobile phones from damages, from internal as well as outside agents. First, we need to use a screen phone protector and cover case. Be careful to handle mobile phone safely, away from any liquid or moisture. Keep the phone lock always active. Important is to use our personal google account for Android phones. Likewise iCloud account for iPhones. In case of theft, we can change the password or lock the phone. We need to be careful about charging our phone. It is good not to charge phone overnight else we may damage our phone batteries by overcharging. Also, too many apps may not be safe. Therefore we can use an antivirus app to keep our phone software safe from any viruses. We can clean the outer phone body parts if necessary so that it will be hygienically safe. Mainly we need to be careful to handle our device from damages so that we can enjoy using it safely.