The Best Tips To Keep Your Phone Clean

How to clean phone

At first, glance, cleaning your cell phone is simple, just a little water and a rag and it’s done! Beware! 

Remember that this is an electronic device filled with small connections that can be severely compromised when the applied cleaning method is not appropriate. It is essential to follow a procedure in order not to damage our electronic devices! 


1 – Remove and clean the protective case 

The first step is, of course, to remove the protective case of your phone if you use one. Keeping a protective cover while cleaning your mobile phone increases the likelihood of causing damage. 

If you keep the instructions follow them. If this is not the case, wipe the protective cover with a cloth soaked in lukewarm water and some soap. Rub gently. 

2 – Clean the screen 

To clean the screen of your phone, avoid using products such as methylated spirits or glasses cleaner spray. This is the most sensitive part of your phone. The best solution is to get a microfiber cloth, ideally new or that has been little used. Moisten with a little warm water and clean the screen by making circular movements. 

3 – Clean the charging connector 

It is an element often neglected! The “input “port of the charger should be cleaned frequently. This is an area that collects dust very quickly, in addition to all types of waste, especially if you put your phone in your pockets. 

To do this, he uses the “key” that allows the opening of the SIM card. If you do not have it, take a needle and remove the residue. 

4 – Clean the chargers 

The lack of cleaning of the charging cable contacts is the cause of the lousy connection that your mobile phone has when it tries to charge it. 

Any small components that ultimately allow the flow of energy between a socket and your mobile phone must also be cleaned with a dry microfiber cloth – again, with controlled movement to prevent damage to the cable. 

5. Clean the inputs and outputs of the phone

With the help of a toothpick or a toothbrush, you can easily clean the sound input and output of your phone (headphones, sound and voice outputs ). These are spaces that, for reasons already explained, go in and remove the dirt left by the user.

How To Clean Phone Case

Conciliating aesthetics and protection, the case adds a personal touch to your smartphone and preserves any scratches. Silicone, plastic or other, this accessory requires specific maintenance depending on its material. 

Dishwashing liquid

If you have a silicone case, clean it with a sponge soaked in warm water and washing-up liquid. Dry it before putting it back in place.

The dishwasher

If it’s tough, your mobile phone’s case can easily be washed in the dishwasher. In addition to saving your energy by avoiding rubbing, this device entirely removes impurities encrusted on your accessory.

Marseille soap

To clean your mobile phone case made of silicone or plastic, use Marseille soap. Scrub your accessory with a sponge moistened with soapy water. You will see, the dirt will go away quickly!

70 ° alcohol

To clean a heavily soiled telephone case, mix 2/3 of water and 1/3 of hydrogen peroxide. Then wipe it with a cloth soaked in 70 ° alcohol, rinse it and dry it.

The table oil

If colored spots are visible on the case of your smartphone, rub the affected part with absorbent paper moistened with table oil. Then clean your accessory with a solution of water and white vinegar. Rinse and dry.

How To Clean Phone Screen

Traces of finger, steam, various deposits … It does not take long for the screen of a smartphone to get dirty, with the comfortable keyless use but also a risk of bacterial contamination. Below are three good ways to clean your phone screen.

The microfiber cloth

In many situations, the first instinct to clean a smartphone Phone screen is to use a slightly moistened paper towel. Do not do this! Despite its smooth appearance, the paper towel contains micro grains that may cause scratches on the screen or scratch. The remedy would be worse than the disease.

To clean a phone screen, nothing beats the microfiber cloth. Well known to all owners of eyeglasses, this cloth is made of a texture that will not attack the surface of the screen, and whose electrostatic properties will also allow removing all the dust that occurs gently. Are invited on your device.

Cleaning with a microfiber cloth usually is dry. However, and if the screen is filthy, do not hesitate to spray a touch of cleaner specifically designed to clean a laptop screen or glasses, and most often alcohol-based.

The cotton compress

Even if you do not have a microfiber cloth available to clean your touch screen, there is always a bag of cotton compresses that hangs somewhere in your bathroom! The unique texture of the cotton will work wonders to sanitize the surface of your device in just a few movements, especially if you moisten it first with a cleaning solution.

Otherwise, it is also possible to use a corner of your T-shirt 100% cotton, provided that the garment in question is clean and especially not too worn – the “fluff” could damage the screen.

The adhesive tape

It’s a disaster: you have absolutely no rags or valuable cloth on hand. How to clean your iPhone screen in these conditions? By adopting the ultimate warrior solution, namely duct tape or tape! By carefully applying a strip of tape on the phone screen and tearing it off, you will not only remove all the dust but also erase the fingerprints magically. A useful tip for cleaning the screen unexpectedly, although the result will be less precise than with a cloth Also, be careful to avoid shocks or accidental drops when removing the tape.


The proper cleaning of a smartphone is essential to ensure a healthy, long lifespan. You have seen various ways by which a smartphone can be cleaned effectively, including its screen, cover and the phone itself. Also, did you noticed the precautions to avoid so as not to damage the smartphone while trying to clean it