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We are a unique company with a company motto “Let’s make it work “. We have thought deeply about what this means and have come to realise that IT constitutes everything and for us to really make IT work we must commit to making it work. We recognise that there are occasions when things just don’t work, and we must come to terms with that, however it must be after we have done all possible to make things work.

We imagine a world where the focus would go back on making it work as opposed to throwing it away and there is a place for that as well. Our thinking is in line with ever growing companies that have embarked on the path of “right to repair” and doing all possible to ensure that we can pivot from throwing away to truly repairing.

We aim to achieve this all-encompassing vision by specialising in repairing all electronic gadgets and we have come to a realisation that everything ends up on the board. Once the board is damaged there is only a few options left but to throw the device out. This is where we come in, our engineers specialise in repairing motherboard components on an electronic level.

We recognise that the range of electronic devices are ever growing from complex gaming machines to mining rigs and everything in between to watches, phones, handhelds, and laptops. At the heart of every complex machinery lies the motherboards and the electronic components thereof.

Once we have worked out the ins and outs of the electronic, we want to ensure that our systems and processes are able to deliver services that make it work for our customers.

We have invested heavily in our website and other resources making it possible for customers to get an idea of pricing and even book various repairs online. We are constantly innovating and finding new ways to ensure that things work.

Our enterprises are ever growing but they all draw from a fundamental principle of trying to explore how we can make it work.

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