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Since the 1950’s computers have been really popular with society. With over 3 billion computers around the world, it has heavily increased productivity and has helped people get connected to the internet quite easily. Computers are used for several purposes e.g to start up a business or even scientific research. Although computers are not really portable they are able to store a vast amount of information and reduce greenhouse gases.

They also help sort, organise and search through information. We can all agree that the advantages of computers are great. Computers are very expensive due to their usefulness and it would be a great shame if they were to be damaged to the point where you can’t use them anymore. This won’t be a problem because here at Gadget Clinic you can regularly come to our store and have your computer checked up!

We run a diagnostic check for only £20 which will help us tell you the exact issue with your computer. It is important to be aware of your computer as they can easily get damaged internally or externally.

We are able to provide many services and repairs for example;
➢ Battery replacement
➢ Memory and harddrive replacement and upgrade
➢ Screen replacement
➢ Motherboard repairs
➢ Os reinstallation and software corruption issues
You can bring your computer to one of our stores in Watford or London or contact us via email or telephone and we will be more than happy to conduct a repair for you!

Choose for computer type and model and the issue down below. Lets Make iT Work! Gadget Clinic

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