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iPhone XR


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Thumbnail Apple iPhone Repair PriceQuantity
iPhone XR - screen-replacement Screen replacement £99.99
iPhone XR - charging-port-repair Charging Port Repair £74.99
iPhone XR - antenna-repair Antenna Repair £20.00
iPhone XR - camera-lens-replacement Camera Lens Replacement £54.99
iPhone XR - audio-troubleshooting-diagnostic Audio Troubleshooting (Diagnostic) £20.00
iPhone XR - no-power-diagnostic-troubleshooting No Power - Diagnostic & Troubleshooting £20.00
iPhone XR - diagnostic-troubleshooting Diagnostic & Troubleshooting £20.00
iPhone XR - software-reinstallation-and-update Software Reinstallation and Update £24.99
iPhone XR - liquid-damage-service-cleaning Liquid damage service / cleaning £20.00
iPhone XR - network-wifi-issues-diagnostic-troubleshooting Network WIFI Issues - Diagnostic & Troubleshooting £20.00
iPhone XR - battery-replacement Battery Replacement £49.99
iPhone XR - main-rear-camera-replacement Main / Rear Camera Replacement £100.00
iPhone XR - front-camera-replacement Front Camera Replacement £69.99
iPhone XR - rear-glass-replacement Rear Glass Replacement £119.99
iPhone XR - rear-housing-replacement-with-battery Rear Housing Replacement (with battery) £184.99
iPhone XR - motherboard-repair-starting-price Motherboard Repair Starting Price £129.99
iPhone XR - volume-and-power-button-replacement Volume and Power Button Replacement £59.99
iPhone XR - unlocking-starting-price Unlocking Starting Price £40.00
iPhone XR - unlocking-vodafone-starting-price Unlocking Vodafone Starting Price £100.00


iPhone XR  repair in Watford, if you want to repair your iPhone XR for any problems such as screen replacement, charging port, battery issue or anything else. We use high-quality replacement or refurbished products. Gadget Clinic in Watford is your eXRpress repair company. Don’t leave your iPhone XR for a too long time in another service, in Gadget Clinic our technicians can repair your iPhone XR in less than one hour. More than three years fiXRing phones and tablets. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and know the reviews for our customers. The best technical service in Watford & St Albans & London

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Apple iPhone Repair

Antenna Repair, Charging Port Repair, Camera Lens Replacement, Audio Troubleshooting (Diagnostic), No Power – Diagnostic & Troubleshooting, Diagnostic & Troubleshooting, Software Reinstallation and Update, Liquid damage service / cleaning, Network WIFI Issues – Diagnostic & Troubleshooting, Battery Replacement, Main / Rear Camera Replacement, Front Camera Replacement, Rear Glass Replacement, Rear Housing Replacement (with battery), Screen Replacement (Premium), Screen replacement, Screen Replacement (Refubrished), Motherboard Repair Starting Price, Volume and Power Button Replacement, Unlocking Starting Price, Unlocking Vodafone Starting Price


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