Recover Data From All Kind Of Data Loss Situations
Data recovery from Laptops, Desktops, PC Mac, Tablet & iPads,Mobile phones & iPhone, Hard drives, USB Devices, SSD (Solid State Disk), Server/Raid

Pricing Structure

Our pricing structure is based on per storage item basis, sofor example a laptop with two internal drives would be two recoveries, the same principle applies to RAID recoveries.

  • Data Recovery Advanced, Diagnostic & Seagate 4TB HDD

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Our Services

We recover data from all data bearing device

The Partnership

Gadget Clinic is able to provide this service with the help of our partners with fixed prices and no hidden costs or surprises. We have three variations of our service that we have defined based on the time and work required. We normally advise picking the advanced recovery if your hard drive is not reading or there is liquid damage.

In the event that you have booked it with a standard recovery, we will always call or email you and await your reply if you would like us to upgrade to the next service as your repair might require more time and work on a board level. In the event that you decide you do not want to go ahead with the upgrade, there would be a minimum payment of £20 to cover our shipping and diagnostic costs.

However, if you decide you want us to securely destroy the device we can do this free of charge. We cover all types of hard drives mac and PC, USB. sd card and tablets and Ipads, mobile phones, Raid Servers including solid-state drives.


Most asked faq's for data recovery

Here at Gadget Clinic we look out for our customers and we aim to make all of our customers pleased with our services. Which means our costs will be set at a price which will be suitable for you and for us!

With our amazing services and a lot of help from our partners  it is most likely your data will be retrieved. It is in our best interest to salvage your lost data back. However we cannot guarantee a successful recovery which is why we only charge the engineering fee if your data recovery is not successful.

Standard recovery: 5-7 working days

Advanced recovery: 7-10 working days

Advanced plus recovery: 10-14 days

You can choose to send  your own hard drive or you can purchase one from us and we will store your data in that particular hard drive.

Definitely! Data recovery will ensure that any lost data can be accessed again, this includes valuable files like photos or folders that you may have forgotten about!

Laptops, external hard drives, internal HDD, HSD hybrid drives, RAID, Tablets, Mobile phones, SD cards, Micro SD, SSD, USB devices, PCs, Macs, multiple dicks arrays

Standard Advanced Advanced Plus Media prices
Gadget Clinic 139 269 349 1TB external £50
2TB external £70
480GB SSD external £99
960GB SSD external £185

Yes. After our inspection we will provide you with a fixed price no matter how much time and resources have been used to complete the data recovery process.

Our Partner labs are certified and are able to keep all data confidential.

If you want to cancel the service for whatever reason then your device will be returned to you and you won’t have to pay more than the £20 you already paid.

At Gadget Clinic we charge £20 for a check-up which is non-refundable but will be deducted from the final cost if a service is done.

If you are looking for an advanced data recovery then we have two options: advanced and advanced plus data recovery, both vary in prices but are extremely reliable.

We have allocated time and resources to each of these services and everytime we notice that  a particular service has not yielded results then we would advise you to select the next option . However if you decide you do not want to go ahead then you would only pay the £35

Customer Feedback

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry.

Read our testimonials from our happy customers.

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