Drone Repair

As drone technology advances, drones are becoming more common and affordable. With aerial imaging features drones by far are great inventions. They can be programmed and maneuvered accurately to precise locations. This feature is very helpful in a variety of situations e.g in agriculture. Drones are also very valuable in terms of security and can potentially can your or someone else’s life. They can act as surveillance to private properties, sporting events, public gatherings, and other venues.

However, although drones are affordable they are very fragile devices and they are more likely to experience issues. Gadget Clinic will ensure that your drone will be up and running in perfect condition after the repairs.
Our services and repairs for drones include:
❖ Controller micro usb port repair
❖ Gimbal and camera replacement
❖ Evaluation and diagnostics service
❖ Liquid damage repair
❖ Motor arm replacement
❖ Radio controller liquid damage
❖ Sensors repair
❖ Servicing and maintenance
❖ Shell repair
You can bring your drone to one of our stores in Watford or London or contact us via email or telephone and we will be more than happy to conduct a repair for you!

Choose your Drone model and issue down below to book an appointment. Lets Make iT Work! Gadget Clinic.

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