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Due to the overwhelmingly rapid advancement of technology we are able to work from home without physically sitting in an office. We are now able to use different devices like iPads during holidays, dinner or even abroad.

However, work at home can be hectic. For example, you may drop your iPad and damage the screen or you may even accidentally spill some liquid on it. Repairs for your iPad may not seem important at first and organising an iPad repair is probably at the back of your mind. Nonetheless, by not doing this you could worsen your iPad’s condition and repairs could actually be very cost-efficient if done early.

If your iPad needs repairing whether it be a screen repair or a battery replacement, or charging port repair, motherboard repair or sound issues, you can bring your iPad to Gadget Clinic and we will perform a diagnostic check which will help us identify the exact issue with your damaged iPad or we can do a particular repair without the diagnostic check for your iPad e.g a screen replacement.
You can bring your mobile phone to one of our stores in Watford or London or contact us via email or telephone and we will be more than happy to conduct a repair for you!

Select your iPad model and the issue. Lets Make it Work. Gadget Clinic

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