How to Protect Your Phone

How to Protect Your Phone in everyday life

Mobile phones are everyday gadgets. And we keep using them day and night. And let’s be true – we can’t live without them anymore. Phone protection becomes very important for us. We as a gadget clinic team have put together 6 main points on how to protect your phone. These points are very crucial. Put together from our expert technicians, who love what they do and do it every day. Let’s dive straight into it and find out about phone protection in different ways.

How to protect your phone from breaking?

These days the phones are slim and some of them are a plus size which makes them slip from our hands. It is very easy to drop them and break the screen or the back glass or any other components inside the phone. For your new shiny phone, it is good to always put a phone protector, cover and a screen protector. There are many tempered glass screen protectors available. Most of them are good but installing them by a skilful technician will be the best choice. Suppose phone falls straight on the floor, facing down. The glass screen protector will crack and not the LCD screen itself. Hence, to change the screen protector is cheaper than the LCD. Especially some of the new model phone LCD screens are expensive. Besides screen protector will protect your phone in the pocket from getting scratched. Similarily the phone cover is also very important. We advise our customers to use Gorilla transparent shockproof cases. It has that corner protection. And it makes the phone extra durable and protects the phone from breaking on heavy
How to protect your phone from water? Simple! Don’t use it next to water or any liquid! It is so easy to drop the phone to the loo or in a pool or get some drink over it. Water damage repairs are tricky. There is 50 50 chance for mobile phone survival. The repair cost would be higher due to many parts need to be changed or board level repair required. And if you indeed want to go to the loo or on holiday with your phone. It is best to buy a waterproof case, it will protect the phone from getting wet inside. This will save you money and the trouble from getting it fixed and or data loss.

How to protect your phone battery?

Don’t overcharge your phone and do not keep it on charge overnight. Charge your phone when needed and when it gets 100% take it from charge. It will keep your battery alive longer. Wireless chargers are very good for that. On a hot, summer day battery and the other components may get hot. As a result, the phone will work very slow or will freeze. The battery will drain and that can damage the phone itself. Due to this, we should always keep the phone out of direct sunlight. Cooler places in shade are ideal. Please don’t put the phone in the freezer!

How to protect your phone from theft?

Gadget Clinic recommends using your personal google account for Android phones. And iCloud account for iPhones. And always use the phone lock to lock your phone. When theft happens you can straight away use your google or icloud account to find your device. Besides, you can lock your phone or change the passwords.

How to protect your phone from viruses?

It is not common to get viruses in your phone if you calling, texting and browsing the internet once in a while. Generally, we should not click on suspicious links. These what we receive via text or email from an unknown person or company. Also, there is a risk to get a virus on your phone when you download a lot of apps to your phone. If you are worried about getting viruses or already have them on your phone. Best is to get the Anti-virus software app to your phone. And that will scan the whole phone and remove the viruses for you. Best antivirus apps are Kaspersky, Avast, Bitdefender, Avira, McAfee and many others.

How to protect your phone from getting dirty?

Wow, our phones and computers are the dirtiest. There are so many bacteria on them if we don’t clean our gadgets. We carry them in our bags in our pockets we take them everywhere and use them everywhere. The dirt can go to small ports like charging port and audio jack port. It can lead to port damage if it’s not cleaned well. Each person’s lifestyle is different and the cleaning should be done according to lifestyle. Builders should clean their phones more frequently because of the dusty environment. The best way is to clean our phones a few times a week with an antibacterial wipe to clean away all the dirt. Before cleaning is good to take the case off. If you have not cleaned your phone for a long time and it is dirty, it is time to do that. Phone ports can be cleared up with something thin like a toothpick to take out all the dust.

Conclusion about phone protection.

We need to be a bit careful to protect our mobile phones from damages, from internal as well as outside agents. First, we need to use a screen phone protector and cover case. Be careful to handle mobile phone safely, away from any liquid or moisture. Keep the phone lock always active. Important is to use our personal google account for Android phones. Likewise iCloud account for iPhones. In case of theft, we can change the password or lock the phone. We need to be careful about charging our phone. It is good not to charge phone overnight else we may damage our phone batteries by overcharging. Also, too many apps may not be safe. Therefore we can use an antivirus app to keep our phone software safe from any viruses. We can clean the outer phone body parts if necessary so that it will be hygienically safe. Mainly we need to be careful to handle our device from damages so that we can enjoy using it safely.