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What’s worse than the feeling of regret when you smash your iphone screen? We all at some point have felt the same feeling of vexation when we have accidentally broken our iPhone screen.

Many of us would ignore the damage and put up with it as the phone technically works, however the broken screen means that there are sharp edges which will be harmful to the user causing cuts which can cause infections or pains. Aside from the sharp edges the broken screen can also cause internal issues which at first can seemingly be harmless to your phone.

At Gadget Clinic we offer a diagnostic check which will illustrate the exact problems with your iPhone like charging port issues, sound issues, damaged motherboards, touch issues, wifi issues, damaged screens, cracked back glass, liquid damage or even battery issues for only £20. Also this price will be deducted from the overall repair cost.

While Gadget Clinic is able to have your screen look as good as new in 40 minutes, we also offer a 12 month warranty for all of our customers. We can repair newer models like the iPhone 12 Pro Max to even the older models like the iPhone 4.
You can bring your mobile phone to one of our stores in Watford or London or contact us via email or telephone and we will be more than happy to conduct a repair for you!

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